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Spiritual research into how to sleep well This article, based on the spiritual research conducted by the Spiritual Science Reserarch Foundation (SSRF), explains the effect of sleeping with our feet facing the West direction entirely from the spiritual perspective. It will also help us take an educated decision on how to sleep well from the perspective of the direction of our feet when we sleep. To understand this article we need to know that there are many different types of frequencies in the Universe which modern sciences have yet to discover and which are known to the ancient Vedic masters from times immemorial.

(Image: read this article with this perspective. Spiritual effect of sleeping with the feet facing West Benefit of frequencies of Action of God The frequencies of Action of God are aligned in the East-West direction. Their movement is in the space between these two directions. By sleeping with our feet facing West, we get higher benefit of these frequencies of Action of God. They give us strength to perform our actions.

Activation of the five vital energies in the body Due to the transfer of the frequencies of Action in the body, the five vital energies situated at the level of the Lunar Sleep navel are activated. These five vital energies throw out the subtle excretory gases from the body through the medium of the sub-vital energies.

This helps in the purification of the vital energy body and the sheath of the vital energy body and makes the person invigorated. Benefit of the saattvik frequencies At dawn saattvik (most pure) frequencies (apart from the above) are transmitted from the East direction. These saattvik frequencies from the atmosphere enter our body easily from the brahmarandhra (the opening above the 7th Kundalini chakra; the crown chakra) of the Kundalini system when we are sleeping with our feet facing West because then our head faces East.

By imbibing these saattvik frequencies we too become saattvik. OTC Sleep Aid Thus we begin the day with higher saattviktaa (Divine frequencies of knowledge and purity). Clockwise motion of body cycle Apart from frequencies of Action (kriyaalahari) of God and the saattvik frequencies at dawn, the pleasant saptatarang (lit. seven-ripple) type of frequencies come from the East direction. When we sleep with our head towards East, we derive maximum benefit from these saptatarang frequencies.

Due to their influence our body cycle moves in the clockwise, i.e. desired direction. As a result all body functions are optimised. Body cycle is the subtle intangible system of all gross and subtle body functions. Relief from sleep associated raja (activity and passion) – tama (ignorance and inertia) particles When we sleep with our feet facing West, as our head is in the Eastward direction, 10% more saptatarang frequencies are imbibed by the seven Kundalini chakras. As the chakras influenced by the saptatarang frequencies move in the clockwise direction, the person gets benefit at a spiritual level.

Hence he does not experience distress from the subtle basic raja-tama particles generated in the body due to the sleeping state. Thus he sleeps well. In summary From the above explanation we can see that from the perspective of how to sleep well, the East-West direction with the feet facing West is the best direction to sleep in. Should you wish to learn more on how to benefit from your sleep? More at:Sleeppostures

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