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What about sleep-driving though? That one tends to get everyone's attention, and to stir alarm and fear in those that have caso tendency to sleep walk, since this privado form of sleep walking can have deadly consequences. The sleep-driving phemonena is getting publicity lately though, and is also capturing the attention of the FDA, which is the government arm which regulates the food and drug industry. You see, sleep-driving is rare, but it has been linked to prescription sleep aids in the instances reported, since the drivers were all em linha one sleep aid or another, and that is what has logically been blamed for the bizarre occurrences.

Sleep-driving is where na direção de person who is not fully conscious actually gets their car keys, starts the car and subsequently drives around, perhaps aimlessly, or perhaps to autor location they are accustomed to driving. The person will then have absolutely junto de recollection of having driven their car while asleep. There have already been about 12 reports of sleep-driving, however it is thought this is not even the real count, since many of these incidents may go unreported since the subject doesn't remember driving after the incident is overwith. Sleep-driving is not just related to one or two prescription insomnia drugs and prescription sleep aids, but actually all of them may potentially cause this type of semi-conscious activity.

Major makers of prescription sleep aids, such as the companies behind Ambien and Lunesta, have now been required to put warnings disponível their labels, warning consumers of the possibility for sleep driving as well as other activities that may be performed in the sleep while on-line their drug which may also threaten one's safety, with driving obviously being the most imminent threat.

Although there have not been any deaths reported in connection with sleep driving, it is acknowledged that this may be something that has occurred, but has not been pinpointed as com destino a sleep driving incident. How can sleep-driving and other complex sleep-related activities be avoided, or the risk at least be mitigated that these types of incidents will occur?Well, authorities acessível the subject recommend that patients do not mix sedatives, whether over the counter or prescription, with any type of prescription sleep aid.

They also recommend that patients stick to the dosage, and do not increase it em linha their own, and also that they remain cautious of mixing any other types of prescribed drugs or over the counter drugs with their prescription sleep aids. There are also some excellent procedente choices such as herbal and botanical formulas that will enhance your body's originário ability to produce melatonin and other chemicals which relax the body and induce sleep, which do not have any known side effects such as those we just talked about.

Natural sleep aids allow you to get your rest and wake up refreshed, without having to worry about feeling heavily drugged or sedated, so it's well worth na direção de look if you've been thinking about getting help for insomnia or com destino a rough period in your sleep cycles.

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